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Das Branding.

Our Logokabel offers a variety of design options that allows us a customized production according to your CI. With your logo, in your colors.

5 steps to your individual Logokabel


1.Set the color of the case (Pantone)

2. Place your logos on all of 3 sockets

- Engraving
- 2C drop color printing


3.Set the color of the rope (Pantone)

4. Velcro in black or white with your logo

5. Gestalten Sie das Label ganz individuell nach Ihren Vorstellungen.


The cable.

Length:                                         100cm
Ports:                                             USB-C auf                                                                         USB-C + Lightning
Data-Transfer:                               480 Mbit / s
Weight:                                         35g
Material:                                        Nylon 

The packaging.

Model:                          ca. 15 x 10cm
Material:                       Kraft-Paper
Label-Format:              7 x 7cm                             


The adaptor.

What does not fit is made to fit.

The USB-C connecter of our Logokabel. is not enough? 

No problem with our USB-A to USB-C adapter we offer you a great extension, which is already a useful companion for her

target audience itself.

Of course you can also add your favorite refinement. With your logo, in your colors.

Black or white:                                                      from 500 pieces

Pantone:                                                                from 1.000 pieces

Black or white:                                                      3-4 weeks

Pantone:                                                                5-6 weeks


Minimum Order Quantity:

Delivery time:

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